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Private Label

Grassland Foods deliver competitive quality items in order to carry your brand name to success.

We are a leading supplier of private label processed nuts, nuts, fruit & seed mixes to New York's largest and most successful retailers. We offer effective solutions for your brand, not only in the market but as well for providing new ingredients and flavors with innovative packaging designs.

We are passionate about providing you with the best products and creative solutions to your needs. With a shared commitment to responding rapidly and effectively, Grassland Foods team will endeavor to make your label a commercial success, working with you and offering the very best in technical expertise and service.

We want to hear from you if you think we can help with your private label requirements! Contact us for more information in regards to this service. 

DSD Program

We Offer to our customer
* Take inventory every week
* Send deliverys
* Packed in the shelves
*100% Credit
* Rotation Inventory